Seattle’s Population Density Makes Top 10 List

For the first time ever, Seattle is among the top 10 most densely populated big cities.

With our high increase in population from those fleeing Silicon Valley and the number of technology jobs calling many to Seattle, density in our area seems to be an unavoidable fact of life according to Gene Balk with The Seattle Times.

Balk's article quotes that we had 7,962 people per square mile in 2014 pushing us ahead of Baltimore to the No. 10 spot on the list of the 50 most populous cities in the country. That's an increase of nearly 10 percent since the 2010 Census. If this rate continues, we could bypass Los Angeles (No. 9) within five years.

Urbanites see density as a relatively positive thing while suburbanites struggle with the idea of anything good coming from an increase in population density. However, density doesn't mean every place has to look like downtown Seattle. Capitol Hill is arguably one of the more sought-after neighborhoods and as one of the densest parts of Seattle, they "pack in about 55,000 people per square mile."

Balk finishes his article with the message that no matter what, newcomers will continue coming to Seattle. With our strong economy and high quality of life, our region is an incredible place to be. We will have to accommodate the increasing density to keep the area remotely affordable.

For more information, read the full article from The Seattle Times.

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