Seattle is the Detroit of the 21st Century

In a recent article by The Stranger, Seattle was hailed the Detroit of the 21st century. As explained in the article, there are four technological ages, and each has as its center a city. What makes that city central is its defining company. The first age (1880 to 1920) was all about Pittsburgh and US Steel. The next age (1920 and 1960), Detroit and Ford. After that (1960 to 2000), Silicon Valley and Intel. The present and fourth technological age is ruled by Seattle and Amazon.

According to Pacific Standard, what makes Amazon stand out is its cloud services. That's the company's "Model T" that's putting them on the map. Their report goes on to say that the technology world and the world we're living in belongs to Jeff Bezos.

Amazon currently employs more than Microsoft and Google combined and many are based in Seattle. According to The Stranger, Seattle "owes much of its current growth to the seemingly unstoppable growth of Amazon."

We've all been watching the Seattle area grow substantially over the last several months. It's exciting to see that a local company like Amazon is propelling our area to the center of the technology industry. Now is definitely the time to invest and become a homeowner in our area.

For the full article, visit The Stranger.

Posted on December 18, 2015 at 11:01 am
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