Best City for Jobs in 2015: Seattle

I think we all know why Seattle is the best, from the surrounding nature of the Pacific Northwest to our Seattle Seahawks, there's a lot to enjoy. What's even more exciting is that Seattle was recently voted the #1 Best City for Jobs by Forbes!


The survey took a look at factors for popular US cities including job opportunities, employment growth, monthly median starting salary, median annual income, time spent working and commuting, and housing affordability to create their list.


Technology is making a statement in the real estate industry because of the increase in job openings. When it comes to jobs, Seattle tops the list due to the number of startups and technology companies starting and expanding in the area.


Other cities on the list include:


No. 2 Des Moines, Iowa


No. 3 Gilbert, Arizona


No. 4 Sioux Falls, South Dakota


No. 5 Fremont, California 


No. 6 Chandler, Arizona


Read the full list of best and worst cities for jobs on

Posted on January 23, 2015 at 9:45 am
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