Housing Trends of 2015

As we close in on the holiday season, there is a lot of speculation around what the new year will hold. So far, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year on the Eastside and and an even better year for the housing market.

RealtorMag has put together a list of the hottest house trends predicted for 2015. From popular colors to new floor plans, there's a lot to look forward to next year!

Open spaces go mainstream: Open floor plans are coming back and making a name for themselves in new construction homes. You'll increasingly see this layout in condos and single family homes in 2015. After the kitchen became the home's hub, the next step was to remove the walls for greater togetherness.

Quartzite: While granite still appeals, quartzite is becoming the new hot contender thanks to its reputation as a natural stone that’s virtually indestructible. It also more closely resembles the most luxe classic-marble-without the drawbacks of staining easily.

Water conservation: While the Pacific Northwest is rarely short on water supply, conservation systems are becoming increasingly popular. Home owners can now purchase rainwater harvesting tanks and cisterns, graywater systems, weather-controlled watering stations, and permeable pavers.

Wellness systems: Builders are now addressing environmental and health concerns with holistic solutions, such as heat recovery ventilation systems that filter air continuously and use little energy. 

Read the full article from RealtorMag.

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